Gleaning for the World to Distribute 42,000 Pounds of Potatoes

Concord, VA - Gleaning for the World will be sending out a lot of potatoes soon.

More than 100 volunteers were out in Concord Wednesday morning bagging the potatoes.

Gleaning leaders say in total, they got about 42,000 lbs of potatoes from a grower in Maine.

They plan on distributing the 10 lbs bags to local food banks, churches and charity organizations.

Leaders say a pound of potato can feed one person, and this is part of Gleaning's commitment to helping our local community.

"When you think of almost half of our children in Central Virginia Area are missing meals because there's not enough food...we have to step up and do more," said Rev. Ron Davidson, the director of Gleaning for the World

Gleaning will also be at R.S. Payne's "Back to School" celebration Thursday at 6 p.m. They'll be there cooking some potatoes and handing out bags to R.S. Payne families.