Gleaning For The World Sends Relief to Colorado

Reporter: James Gherardi l Videographer: Ira Quillen

Concord, VA - As crews work to contain the Colorado wild fires, some locals are reaching out to help those who have already lost so much. Gleaning for the World has prepared shipments that headed out to Colorado Springs on Wednesday night.

When the President of Gleaning for the World says he saw the devastation on TV, he knew he had to do something. So Wednesday, following a single phone call, hundreds of pounds of supplies are headed to help those out west.

"Right now we have four tractor trailer loads of supplies that will be there within 28 hours, and we have probably another two or three that will follow within the next couple of days," said Reverend Ron Davidson, the President of Gleaning for the World.

Davidson knows that pictures don't do justice to the immense damage. "When you see that kinds of thing on television, underneath all of that coverage, are people that are literally losing everything they've ever owned on the face of the earth," he said.

After hearing reports that more than 30,000 residents have been evacuated, and the fire that charred more than 15,000 acres was only getting worse, Davidson put in a call to Brady Boyd, the pastor of New Life Church in Colorado Springs.

What Davidson heard over the phone he says, was devastating.

"The last three days have been apocalyptic here. I mean, it has been, the whole world is on fire it seems like. Trees are exploding, houses are just being consumed, I mean, it's awful," said Boyd.

Boyd's church is gearing up to take in hundreds of evacuees. To help, Gleaning for the world is sending four truckloads of supplies, filled with food, water, blankets and baby products.

Boyd says without Gleaning for the World, they would have nothing to give those who've lost everything.

"This is a gigantic blessing that they are giving to the people of Colorado. It's going to be so much fun blessing people with this when it gets here on Friday and Saturday," said Boyd.

The latest wildfire reports are saying the number of homes destroyed continues to climb; the number unknown because the fires are so severe.

Gleaning for the world will be sending trucks to the New Life Church in Colorado Springs through the weekend. And they need your help getting there. If you'd like to donate, you can do so from their website.