Gleaning For The World Makes Major Announcement

Lynchburg, VA - A major milestone celebrated in Lynchburg Thursday. Gleaning for the World marked its 15th year anniversary.

At a dinner Thursday, the organizations board announced a major push they will be looking to make.

Over the next three years, the organization is looking to double in size.

In three years, Gleaning hopes to distribute 32 million pounds of supplies, ship more than 400 truckloads of material around the country, and help more than 12 million people in need worldwide.

Reverend Ron Davidson, the organization's president says it's a major undertaking, but one he's confident they can meet.

"In 15 years, we've moved 2,900 tractor trailer loads of supplies all over the world, we've worked in every major disaster in the United States, done a lot locally, but the need is so magnificent" he said.

Gleaning has been ranked by Forbes' magazine as the most efficient organization in the U.S., a ranking Davidson says he hopes they'll maintain.