Gleaning For The World Accepts $300K Donation

Roanoke, VA - Hundreds of thousands of dollars in supplies have been sitting for two years waiting to go to people who need them... now Gleaning for the World is ready to help get them out. Two years ago Northwest Hardware, in Roanoke, replaced a product line that included a variety of different building supplies. Not wanting to throw the supplies away, but also not wanting them in this country as a competing product, they turned to the Rotary Club for help. During research the Rotary Club found that import duties would have run as much as $40,000 so the crates sat in a Goodwill Industries of the Roanoke Valley warehouse until Gleaning recently stepped in to help. "Everything from wiring to shelves to wall plates to... you imagine what you would see if you went into an average hardware and just found a wall of things that are not shovels, not picks, not rakes but hardware," said Joe Ferguson with Rotary Club of Salem. A spokeswoman for Gleaning for the World told me she doesn't know where the hardware will go - just yet - but believes the supplies will end up either in Central America or more likely somewhere in the Caribbean.