Gleaning for the World Among Most Efficient Charities in US

Concord, VA - Gleaning for the World is the United States' most efficient charity, according to Forbes' Magazine.

Gleaning is tied with four other U.S. Charities for the title.

Organization staff says their efficiency is based heavily on their logistics. They supply items to other organizations that work on the ground.

They say that enables them to give a return of more than $200 for every $1 donated. That's the highest return in the U.S.

That, along with a reliance on hundreds of weekly volunteers, "The average non-profit our size will have about 30-40 staff members, and we do it with 12. Because of all the volunteers that come from Central Virginia," said Gleaning President and COO Reverend Ronald Davidson.

This is the fourth year out of the last five, where Gleaning has won the title.