Glass Family Honored at Lynchburg Museum

Lynchburg, VA - Artifacts and photos from a well-known Lynchburg family will be on display at the Lynchburg Museum this Friday.

Curators are setting out the display of the Glass family for the First Friday event. That runs from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Friday only.

Robert Henry Glass Senior founded one of Lynchburg's first newspapers. His children were a big success too: one was U.S. Treasury Secretary, another President at Sweet Briar, and E.C. Glass High School is named after one Glass who was a Lynchburg superintendent.

Museum staff love what they've learned about the Glasses.

"You take those three children that came out of this family who contributed major components to Lynchburg history as through history and politics," said Rachel Deddens, museum educator.

Museum staff say this is the first time they have highlighted the Glass family - and it's free.