Small Businesses Got Piece of Busy Shopping Weekend

Danville, VA -- Local businesses were hoping for packed stores this weekend and during Small Business Saturday, and they got it. According to the stores we spoke with, this weekend was one of their busiest.

We've all seen the video of shoppers pushing their way through crowds in big box stores to get the best deal, but local stores want a piece of those crowds too. And according to The Gingerbread House Manager, Brian Hamlett, this weekend, they got it.

"We had a great day, we had long lines most of the day," said Hamlett.

Over the weekend, The Gingerbread House held extended hours and sales to compete with national chains.

"We had a lot of people commenting that is what they were trying to do was to patronize small businesses on Saturday," said Hamlett.

Hamlett says this year's post-Thanksgiving weekend was even better than the same time last year, hopefully meaning an economy on the rebound.

"I hope it is a turn around," said Hamlett.

I think that people are spending money this Christmas, I'm certainly finding that to be true," said Joan Daniel, owner of The Attic Hound.

In fact, Daniel says this was their biggest weekend since their grand opening two months ago.

"Sales were great. We had good crowds, people were buying and looking and picking out things that they want to come back later and get," said Daniel.

For The Attic Hound's first Small Business Saturday, they say it was a success.

"I was so excited! It is just so exciting to see people come and they see each other and they visit," said Daniel.

The businesses we spoke with are very confident that their holiday sales will continue through December.