Ghost Tour in Appomattox Co. Haunting Visitors

Appomattox Co., VA - A ghost tour in Appomattox County is drawing a lot of attention this Halloween season.

The tour is based on a tobacco farmer in the late 1800's named Elijah Crawford.

Crawford lost his wife in childbirth and quickly became obsessed with the idea of raising the dead. Now, a local theatre group is bringing his story back to life.

It's the type of Halloween tour you don't bring your kids to.

"We've had several people announce that they've wet themselves going down the tour which we take as a big check of approval, said Dustin Williams with Wolfbane Productions.

Riders on the tour claim to have caught ghost-like images on their phone.

"Photos of mist and photos of things that are shaped like people in the woods," said Williams.

Williams came up with the idea to start the tour after hearing the stories. He actually grew up right across from Crawfords' farm.

"I just remember a lot of weird things happening around here in this area of the woods that I couldn't I got more and more into it and the legends and started putting this tour together."

As legend tells it, when his wife died in 1871, Crawford fired all servants on the plantation and turned his barns into voodoo workshops. He was arrested for murdering his nurse in one of the buildings.

Shawn Crawford is a distant relative of the Crawfords. His father told him stories of his Great Uncle Elijah.

Apparently he was skinned because people were afraid he was going to come back to life, so he really freaked a lot of people out," said Crawfords.

Riders on the tour also visit the tree where Crawford was found hanging.

"I keep hearing that people go home and are haunted by the stories and say, 'I can't sleep at night' and you don't get that at a fun house where people jump out at you. It's like being in a scary movie. It will stay with you when you go home," said Williams.

This weekend is the last of the tours. If you'd like more information on where to find it, check of the event's Facebook page.