Getting Ready for Batteau Festival in Lynchburg

Even on this rainy day, people are getting ready for the annual James River Batteau Festival.

Crew members of the Batteau Debbie brought their vessel down to the James River Thursday to do some testing as they prepare for the voyage to Richmond.

A crew of four will pilot this batteau, camping out along the way, until June 23.

They are very excited about the journey.

"There definitely are times where it is a real flat day on the river...we aren't going too fast. just sitting there enjoying yourselves...there are a few falls we come to, and they are high consequence

if we mess up," said Dan Tucker, a batteau crew member

Tucker says it took about 45 people to turn the huge batteau over and get

it on the trailer.

The 28th annual Batteau Festival kicks-off in Lynchburg on June 15.