Getting Out of Town by Scott Wilson

I'm glad I'm no longer in school, having to worry about homework or tests. But one thing I do miss is that week off for spring break, being able to recharge before the stretch run. Since I've been in the working world, I haven't really taken many spring vacations. This year, though, I'm heading overseas. I'm going with my family to Italy for the first time.

Next week we'll be heading across the Atlantic to spend time in Venice, Florence, Rome and Sorrento. I've never gone on a trip where I did so much homework. I have been scouring guidebooks, making notes on places to go. And I'm trying to learn at least a few words of Italian. They say that many people do speak English, so there shouldn't be too much of a language barrier. But it can't hurt to have some knowledge. What's hard for me is keeping different languages straight. I took Spanish in elementary school and French in high school. All of those romance languages are so similar, that I have to think "Ok is this a French word or a Spanish word?" I'm sure I've used sentences with a mixture of both in them.

I think more than anything I'm looking forward to some great food. Italian food is definitely right up my alley. I've learned from the guidebooks that many restaurants over there don't even have a menu. You just sit and enjoy whatever the chef is preparing that day. I'm sure I'll probably eat things blindly that I would never eat if I knew what it was.

Hopefully I won't miss too much news when I'm gone!