Get Fit's 50,000 Pound Challenge Almost Over

Danville, VA -- Get Fit Dan River Region's challenge to lose 50,000 pounds is almost over.

Their goal is to get folks in Danville, Pittsylvania County, and Caswell County, North Carolina to drop the pounds in a little more than three months. They've been asking people to pledge a weight loss goal online. And before midnight Thursday they need everyone to go online and log in what they actually lost.

As of Thursday afternoon, they don't know if they've hit the goal. But they say they've definitely made a big impact in the community.

"It was more about getting the conversation started about health and wellness and we feel like we did that. People are writing in and saying you know this changed my life and I'm not going back to my old habits," said Stephanie Ferrugia, Program Director.

They say even after the challenge is over, they will still have work out videos online. You can log your pounds at