Get Fit Dan River Region Video Wins Award

Danville, VA - A Southside group wants you to dance to the song "Call Me, Maybe." A video they've made to the song already has people moving, but they want to see it really take off.

When Stephanie Ferrugia came up with making this video, she had no idea how far it would go.

"It was a great community effort, everyone coming together and actually performing in the video and supporting that," said Ferrugia.

She hoped it would spread the word of Get Fit Dan River Region, maybe. So she called up Caswell Family Medical Center, found volunteer dancers and submitted the final product to a national health care competition.

"I was just excited. They are so excited they just got us excited too. And I just thought wow this is really fantastic," said JoAnn Howard, who participated in the video.

"We have people doing kick boxing moves, they were doing squats and lunges and they didn't even know it," said Ferrugia.

Most importantly, Ferrugia hoped the dancers would take away a new work out.

"Hopefully people will turn that song on at home after dinner and dance as a family and be silly and remember those things and try those things at home and add in their own moves," said Ferrugia.

"Every time I listen to it I do the little moves that we had to do in the video. So it's a lot of fun," said Howard.

Now, the video has taken the first place title and gathered national attention.

"For us it was more, the national recognition of winning this and putting the Dan River Region on the scene that we really are serious about getting healthy," said Ferrugia.

They say this is by far the most public thing they have done, and it has really put their name out there.

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