Get Fit Dan River Region Towards End of 50,000 Pound Challenge

Danville, VA - We are just starting the summer, but Get Fit Dan River Region is close to the end of their 50,000 pound challenge. A lot of people in our area are losing weight and getting healthy.They say their challenge is going great, so far. They don't have the exact number of pounds lost. But, even if you technically don't live in the area and can't join the challenge, we have ways for you to look and feel great this summer.Get Fit Dan River Region works hard to get folks to work off those extra pounds."This is just about us hitting this goal and shaving this amount of pounds off of our community's waistline," said Stephanie Ferrugia, Program Director for Get Fit Dan River Region. Their goal is getting Danville, Pittsylvania County, and Caswell County, North Carolina to lose 50,000 pounds by July 4th."We've asked everyone to lose a half a pound, that's it. But most people are losing more," said Ferrugia. They hope everyone will follow their lead even if it's outside their region. Ferrugia explains this trend can spread past their territory and on to anyone's scale."It's all about being healthy and so even though our focus is just here // we encourage everyone to be a part of this initiative," said Ferrugia. Owner of Urban Fitness and Personal Trainer Ken Jones has some tips for losing weight, just in time for summer."Everybody can achieve a goal, so set your goals before you start working out," said Jones. He suggests you start walking. Jones says while everyone is different, most people should aim for 20 minutes, 3 times a week."It usually takes about 90 days to see a true change but you can see any change in your health in a couple of weeks," said Jones. To see that change, you can also add workouts at home by using a water bottle instead of a weight.Starting Monday night at 6:30, Get Fit will be hosting a Move it Monday campaign, where anyone can come and work out.For more weight loss and health tips, and to join the challenge, go to