Get Fit Dan River Region Participates in 'Rev Your Bev'

Danville, VA-- One group on the Southside spent their day passing out bottles of water.Get Fit Dan River Region was passing out plenty of water on Wednesday in Gretna, Chatham and Danville. They're involved in a state-wide campaign called 'Rev Your Bev.'The goal is to promote a healthy lifestyle and encourage people to drink more water than they do sugary drinks. To make 'Rev Your Bev' a little more fun, Get Fit passed out hundreds of bottles of water all while dance-walking."It's just the best beverage that you can drink, it's the healthiest thing for your body. People drink sodas, they drink tea, they drink coffee. While those things aren't great for you, we're not saying don't drink that, we're just saying, think about putting more water into your daily routine," said Stephanie Ferrugia, Get Fit Dan River Region Program Director.This was the second annual Rev Your Bev Day.