German Woman Thanks WWII Veterans in Lynchburg

Lynchburg, VA - A German woman came to America to thank WWII veterans, and Friday she was in Lynchburg.

Gertrud Amos, 82, presented three veterans with chocolate Friday at the weekly Monument Terrace Troop Rally downtown.

Amos remembers American soldiers giving her chocolate as a child, when they liberated her village in 1945.

"She remembers the chocolate and they were always friendly to her and all the kids in the town and all the people," said Ingrid Goldsberry, Amos' niece and translator. "She will never forget that. She was 14 years old."

About five years ago, Amos learned she had distant family in Lynchburg, including an Army veteran who is a regular at the troop rally.

This is her first time in the states, but her daughter and niece have been here twice before. They visit the troop rally every time they're here, and keep up with it weekly on Facebook.