George Allen Stops By Railroad Festival

Appomattox, VA - This time of year is a popular time for festivals, and festivals tend to attract heavy hitters in the political world. Saturday the Railroad Festival in Appomattox was no different.

Campaigns are out in full force in the final weeks until the election, all campaigning for your voice, your vote. Virginia is home to one of the most hotly contested Senate battles, and Saturday George Allen made a stop in Appomattox. Allen took his campaign to the streets of Appomattox where he greeted potential voters.

"I think it's so important to be accessible to people, you really get a sense on what is on people's minds, it's really encouraging," said Allen.

Allen says with early voting already underway, he is encouraged when people tell him they have already voted for him.

Allen, who was elected to the Unites States Senate in 2000, was unseated by Democratic Challenger Jim Webb during the elections in 2006.

"I didn't like losing, it was a very close loss, it was a humbling experience and sometimes you learn more from losing than you do from winning," said Allen.

Nonetheless, Allen said he is ready to return to the Senate.

"I'm coming back having reflected with greater resolve and determination to get things done because there is an urgency for action," said Allen.

Allen's opponent is former Virginia Governor, Tim Kaine.

Kaine spent Saturday in Richmond where he rallied supporters before they left to go on a door to door to canvass. The canvass was one of five women to women canvasses going on today across the state.

Kaine's campaign says that the former Governor also enjoys attending festivals like the one held Saturday in Appomattox, and they say Kaine will be stopping back in our area before Election Day.

With only a few weeks to go until Election Day, you can count on festivals continuing to see some familiar faces.