Gas Station Owners & Customers React to Possible Gas Tax Reform

Danville, VA - We talked to Southside residents about what they think about the idea of no tax on gas.

If the current tax is eliminated, gas station owners say they are expecting a boost in sales.

They also expect that people in North Carolina will cross state lines to take advantage of the lower prices.

"People, they cross the border, they come here buying gas and they're going to pick up everything else...cigarettes, beer, whatever. I think it is good to bring more business, " said gas station owner Mustafa Aljassar.

"I live in Roxboro, North Carolina. If it would be even cheaper, I would come always, and my wife....and I would tell everybody else. Everybody would be making the trip to buy the cheaper gas, " said Hannibal Thomas.

As of today, the average cost for a gallon of gas in Virginia is $3.28.