Gas Buddy App Helps Users Find Cheap Gas

Intern Reporter: Tola Adamson-Olaotan

Lynchburg, VA - Driving from gas station to gas station looking for the cheapest gas can be a hassle. But with the use of technology, it's easier than ever to avoid pain at the pump.

AT&T customers are using an app called gas buddy, and it's easy to figure out. When you come across a gas station, it updates gas prices on the app. Then, with a click of a button users can view the cheapest gas prices in their area.

Workers at AT&T in Lynchburg say as gas prices continue to rise, so could the use of the app.

"I know I'm more conscious about how much I'm paying, as the price goes up I'm like, hmm, let's look for, you know, cheaper alternatives. I think this is just a way people can help each other out and try to find the cheapest prices," said Matt Jurkow, Lynchburg AT&T store manager.

Gas buddy is compatible with any smart phone, and you can get it for free in the app store.