Warm Weather Brings People Out of the House and Onto Their Yards

Lynchburg, VA - The long winter had people all over Lynchburg anxious to start their engines.

"It's been a great day, let me tell you, it was a great pick. I enjoyed it actually," said Frazier Boyd.

Boyd says he's been at it since Monday, and still has a lot of catching up to do.

"I thought spring would never get here. I've been counting the days," Boyd continued.

Boyd is not alone.

Gary Gardner, owner of Gary's Gardening Center, says business has been booming.

"Obviously back in January, February and unfortunately March it's been pretty slow," Gardner said.

Gardner says many customers feel like the cold weather has put them behind schedule, but it actually may be doing too much too soon.

Gardner says it may be warm out but the soil is still too cold. Too cool especially to put in direct seeded plants such as squash and cucumbers.

"We've been in all winter long, and they want to go outside. Now it's pretty and they want to play in the dirt and do something," Gardner said.

One thing Gardner suggested is to pay close attention to the color of your grass. He says the snow and rain may have had an effect on the fertilizer some people applied in the fall.

"If they begin to see it turn pale or yellowish, then they need to get some fertilizer on it at that time," Gardner explained.

Boyd couldn't wait any longer to smell the scent of fresh cut grass, though.

"it's enjoyable, I enjoy it and it's fun," Boyd said.

Gardner says back in the day they would actually wait until Mid-May to plant seeds.