Garage Catches Fire at Lynchburg Water Filtration Plant

Reporter: Lauren Compton l Videographer: Steven Smith

Lynchburg, VA- A garage at the College Hill Water Filtration Plant caught fire early Sunday morning, destroying two city sewer vehicles.

Fire officials say a garage that houses the city's fleet of sewer cleaning trucks caught fire. The fire started around 5:20 a.m. at the water filtration plant on 525 Taylor Street. It took firefighters about 40 minutes to put out the blaze. There were no employees in the garage at the time of the fire, and no one was injured.

Hazmat teams were brought out to clean up the antifreeze and diesel that leaked from the sewer vehicles. Two of sewer trucks were destroyed, and the other two were badly damaged.

Director of Public Utilities Tim Mitchell says the trucks are insured through city, the damage is estimated to be about $1 million.