BYU-Virginia Season Opener - Weeklong Coverage

UVa opens the season at home Saturday at 3:30 p.m. against BYU on ESPNU.

As of Monday 3,900 tickets remain for the BYU-UVa game so attendance is expected to be in the 50,000-plus range.

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-Miles Gooch and Kyle Dockins are two players who have really impressed him on special teams.

-He praised BYU LB Kyle Van Noy as one of the best defensive players in the country.

-He said all of new offensive, defensive, and special team schemes have been installed.

-As of now, he expects approximately ten true freshmen to get playing time.

-He explained that BYU's QB Taysom Hill is a dual threat who has the ability to escape out of the pocket.

-Jake McGee is listed third on the depth chart at tight end but London told reporters to not read into that. McGee will be on the field a lot but he also reiterated that UVa's tight ends need to be able to block and based on the amount of times he has said that in reference to McGee, you'd like to assume that McGee has struggled in that facet of his game.

-BYU's main wide receiver is Cody Hoffman, a 6-4, 210 pound senior. London hinted that Demetrious Nicholson will defend him. There's a 5-inch height disadvantage in that matchup for UVa.

-In discussing what type of QB David Watford will be, London said they won't ask him to do anything he's not capable of but London seemed confident in what his newly named starting QB will be able to do on the field.

-In a push to excel on special teams, a weakness during London's tenure, he said every player on the 2-deep depth chart is available to play on special teams.

-London said he's completely comfortable with his starting five offensive linemen but is concerned with the team's depth at those positions. Right now two true freshmen are listed as backups along the o-line.

-Defensive lineman Eli Harold and offensive tackle Morgan Moses have been going head to head in practice a lot and London said both have become better players as result of practicing against one another.