General Assembly Talks Drones for Police Work

Appomattox, VA - Virginia law enforcement may have to wait a little longer to buy and use drones. The General Assembly took steps to block the use of unmanned aircraft until July 2015.

Appomattox County Sheriff Barry Letterman is pro-drone, even speaking at the State Capitol about using them for police work.

Sheriff Letterman says, if his department had a drone years ago, they may have caught alleged gunman Christopher Speight a lot faster.

"Definitely after the helicopter was shot down we could have sent that up and possibly pinpointed where this individual was that we were looking for, versus sending another helicopter up, taking a chance of somebody being shot down," said Sheriff Letterman.

As it stands now, the Bill allows law enforcement to use a drone in emergency situations.

Letterman says filing for a search warrant could take hours, even in a life or death situation.