G.A. Could Put More Money into TAG

Lynchburg, VA - Students at Virginia's private colleges could see some help for paying tuition.

The General Assembly's looking into putting more money into Virginia's TAG program. TAG stands for Tuition Assistance Grant. As it stands now, private school students can get $2,800 from TAG to help with tuition. Legislators are looking to up that to $3,100. Some students at Lynchburg College really rely on the TAG program and the tuition help that comes from it.

"The grant has afforded me the ability to be here today, so it plays a huge part in me being able to go to school here," said Candy Jones, junior at LC.

"With the TAG grant it kinda gives you more of an incentive to go to a school like Lynchburg College," said Trevor Davis, sophomore, LC.

At one point, before the recession, students could get $3,200 from TAG. If passed, TAG would be restored to the amount offered just a few years.