Funeral Director Creating a Funeral Home Museum in Chatham

Chatham, VA-- Chatham native is bringing a very unusual museum to his hometown.

Bill Simpson is a funeral director and a licensed embalmer, and he's turning his passion into a funeral home museum in downtown Chatham.

He's renovating an 8,000 square foot building for it.

He said it will have a lot of memorabilia from the funeral home that used to be in the exact same building, back in the 40s.

"The building was owned by the late Kenneth Scott, my mentor," said Bill Simpson. "When he came to Chatham in 1944, this was the funeral home. I wanted to acquire the building, and renovate the building to be an asset to downtown. A lot of this will be in his memory.

Simpson also said people can expect to see model caskets like the ones John Wayne, Michael Jackson and Elvis were buried in.

The museum is expected to be completed by late October or early November.

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