Fundraiser for Alexis Murphy's Family Saturday in Roseland

Nelson Co., VA - Alexis Murphy's family is preparing to mark the three week anniversary of her disappearance Saturday.

Law enforcement officials say they've searched 10 - 12 different properties in Nelson County alone and located several cell phones, some along the Route 29 corridor and some along route six. What they won't say is whether one of those cell phones belongs to Alexis Murphy.

Investigators don't believe those tire tracks were involved in Alexis' disappearance. Those tracks don't match Randy Taylor's vehicle, and they've actually located the person who left them.

There was also some initial speculation that Randy Taylor was the Route 29 stalker, but investigators say that is not the case. Taylor was incarcerated during that period of time.

Meanwhile the family of Alexis Murphy will mark her disappearance at a fundraiser Saturday because they haven't been able to work this entire time.

"Honestly we're stuck. We're stuck on August 3rd. We can't go backwards and we can't go forward," said Trina Murphy, Alexis' aunt.

Alexis Murphy's family says it's been three weeks of daily torture.

"When it gets chilly at night, I wonder if she's warm. Do they have enough blankets for her? Is she hungry?"

Trina Murphy says Murphy's mother spends every day looking for her daughter.

Her co-workers at the post office have even started donating their sick time because the bills keep piling up.

"She's got a car payment, electric bill, all the things that the rest of us have. And I just don't want her to have to worry about that on top of worrying about her child."

Trina Murphy came face to face with Randy Taylor at his bond hearing.

She believes the 47-year-old holds the key to finding her great niece.

"He looks like a predator. If I had to pick somebody and put them on a poster for a child predator, he would be it."

Trina Murphy says they still wake up every morning believing Alexis will show up.

And they haven't lost hope she'll be found alive.

"I drive down the road looking for her. I drive down the road thinking that she's gonna come walking out of the woods and I can pull over and grab her,' said Trina Murphy.

Alexis Murphy's family will attend the fundraiser. It runs from noon - 5 p.m. at Street Elements AUTOCLUb at the Ebony and Ivory Field in Roseland. There will be a bake sale, food vendors and a car show.