Frustrated Festival Goers Wait Hours in Endless Lines

Nelson Co., VA - The Lockn' Music Festival is underway this weekend. Many people waited for most of the day on Thursday to get in and see the acts.

So many drove from so far, to just get to the festival and sit. Some waited hours, with no telling when they would get in to see their favorite performers. Parts of the entrance to the grounds on Thursday looked more like a parking lot than a music festival.

"It only took one hour! 50 feet man! Every little bit's progress" said one man.

Progress was slow at the Lockn' music festival in Nelson County. Cars sat waiting to get in for hours.

"Got here about 1 o'clock, called my friends, said they'd been waiting since about nine o'clock and at about three o'clock they said they'd moved about 50 feet" said one man who came to Nelson County from Chicago.

The line for the R.V. entrance was shorter than that for cars, but with a wait still hours long. Drivers turned truck beds into make shift kitchens.

Some traveled hundreds of miles, and spent hundreds of dollars; all to sit, and wait.

"We left at like four in the morning from eastern long island. And I don't know, we've been sitting here for about three and a half hours now" said one man sitting in the back of his truck.

"I left early, I have people that I'm meeting here, some are inside and some are still in line" said a man in the R.V. line.

"I've seen people pushing their trucks so they don't lose their spot in line because their battery went dead or they ran out of gas" said Sandra Pollard.

Pollard lives along the road where cars wait. She hasn't been able to leave her house all day.

"It's a little overwhelming; I would not like to see it happen every year" she said.

And that's something to keep in mind; this is the first year of the Lockn' festival. Organizers are still working out a lot of the logistics that go along with it.

A part of the problem with the wait organizers say, was that every single car, had to be searched.

The festival will wrap up on Sunday.