Friends Remember Stacia Anderson & Breanna Boyd

Stacia Anderson

Reporter: Melinda Zosh

Lynchburg, VA - Family and friends are trying to heal after the loss of two 17-year-old girls. Stacia Anderson and Breanna Boyd were involved in an accident Friday night on Mayflower Drive.

Police say Anderson lost control of her car and hit a pole. Both girls were pronounced dead at the scene.

Anderson's family friends say it's a parent's worst nightmare. Anderson and Boyd were coming back from the movie theater. A family friend says Anderson was trying to make it home before her curfew. When she didn't make it on time, her father knew something was very wrong.

"I mean, here's a father looking forward to someday giving away his daughter at the altar and someday grandbabies, and all of that is gone," said Pastor Leroy Mitchell, an Anderson family friend.

It all came to a crashing halt late Friday night.

"When you send your kids to a movie and they don't come home that's tragic. Two beautiful young ladies, returning from an evening, making curfew, they didn't want to be late trying to get home and their lives have been taken," Mitchell said.
Stacia Anderson's friends and family don't know what caused Anderson to lose control of her wheel. But they say her father, Rev. Keith Anderson, knew something was wrong when Stacia didn't make curfew.
"This is the worst thing that any parent could expect, when you have a baby, she's just a baby," Mitchell said.
A baby especially to her father, who is the Dean of Students at Liberty University and a board member for Lynchburg City Schools.
"(Stacia) and her father were almost inseparable; they were as close as any father and daughter could be," Mitchell said.
Friends say Stacia was known for her sense of style. She was also a devout Christian.
"Her faith is deeply rooted; (she) trusted God for everything," Mitchell said.
Saturday night, the Anderson family put all their trust in God, but many questions still remain.
"When someone leaves our lives instantly and there's no witnesses, nothing to explain to us what happened other than skid marks on the road, that's tragic," Mitchell said.
Friends say both girls attended Liberty Christian Academy. They say both girls had a great sense of humor and lived life to the fullest.