Friends Remember Danny Christensen

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Lynchburg, VA- Friday friends remember 19 year old Amherst man killed in a car crash this week. Daniel Christensen died from his injuries after Lynchburg police say his car slammed into the back of a school bus, and then into a utility pole on Route 460 on Tuesday. Those who knew Daniel, or "Danny," say he was always smiling. This week would have been his one year anniversary working at Chik-Fil-A on Candlers Mountain Road. And in that year he made some close friends who miss him terribly.

"It's just difficult to imagine that there's not going to be a time when he comes back through the door," said Michael Marshall. His parents own the Chick-fil-a restaurant on Candlers Mountain Road. He says when they heard the news of the accident they decided to close the store on Wednesday so the work family could be with Danny at the hospital during his last moments.

"It's honestly like a nightmare that we can't wake up from," said co-worker Amanda Johnson.

The next night, the restaurant held a vigil after they closed in Danny's honor.

"It has definitely brought us all closer together. We are starting to become an even more bigger family," said Brittany Riley who is a co-worker.

Jeremy Jackson was one of Danny's close friends. He says they all went to the lake together the Sunday before the accident.

"It was one of our last times outside of work with Danny and if I could remind that moment again, I would do it all over again," said Jackson.

He says Danny was someone he looked up to and he could always count on him to make him laugh.

"He had a saying, 'there's two types of people in this world.' and no body ever knew what it meant when he said that but he always said it and when you're having a bad day Danny would say 'there's two types of people in this world. And it would just always cheer up our day," said Jackson.

Their memories are different, but one thing is the same: Danny Christensen will be missed by them all.

"He was always there for you no matter what," said Johnson.

"I think of his curly hair and his big smile," said Riley.

"Everybody liked him. He got along with everyone, always had something positive to say about anybody and it's just different without him being here," said Marshall.

A memorial service is set for next week at Thomas Road Baptist Church.

Lynchburg Police Department say they have not determined the cause of the wreck yet.

They say they do have some suspicions and are waiting on search warrants to come back. They have not found anything mechanically wrong with the car and he says they plan to reconstruct the crash on Tuesday morning.