Friends React to Losing Lynda Slocum in Lynchburg Murder

Lynchburg, VA- We are learning more about the woman killed in her own home in a quiet Lynchburg neighborhood. 86-year-old Lynda Slocum was found dead in her home Thursday afternoon. Police say Slocum was killed, and there's evidence of forced entry into her home.

We spoke with one of Slocum's good friends, who says it's difficult to believe she is gone.

Susan Morris says she had plans to visit Slocum Thursday. She was carrying on a tradition she says Slocum was well-known for-- dropping off a fresh-baked loaf of bread on someone's doorstep, just to let them know she cared.

"Her favorite thing to do was to leave you a loaf of sourdough bread hanging on your door knob," said Morris.

Morris decided to return the favor. She baked a loaf of sourdough bread, using Slocum's famous recipe, but never got to make the delivery.

"I got a phone call from a good friend Helen AndrewsShe said people had driven by Lynda's house and had saw the yellow tape and knew that something was, you know horribly wrong," she said.

"It takes your breath away."

Morris says Slocum was a kind, but shy person, who loved doing things for other people, but never wanted recognition.

"She was a very special lady, trying to do for others."

Morris knew Slocum from years of playing golf together at Oakwood Country Club.{}She says Slocum's last round was about two years ago, but her game was never forgotten.

"She was absolutely a top notch golfer and everybody wanted to golf with Lynda."

But few could keep up.{}Morris says Slocum never sat still.{}She always walked the golf course and even carried her own clubs.

"She never took a golf cart and she walked, about as fast as anybody I know."

Even as Slocum grew older, Morris says she kept a sunny energy that could brighten the gloomiest of days.

"I'd like to remember Lynda as a person that made everybody's world a little bit better. I know she made my world a lot better," said Morris.