Friend Of Robin Williams Reflects On Actor's Death

Botetourt Co., VA - The man who created the story, "Good Morning, Vietnam", talked about the death of his friend, actor and comedian, Robin Williams.

Adrian Cronauer, whose Vietnam wartime experiences were loosely adapted for the film, said the loss of Robin Williams is one that will not be replaced any time soon.

"He was a very talented person. A very humorous person. A very inventive person and it will be many a year before we see his like again."

Since the movie came out 26 years ago, Cronauer only visited Williams once - on the comic's 40th birthday.

The only other contact was through Christmas cards.

Even with that limited contact, Cronauer says Williams' depression was noticeable; his comedy, he believes, used to keep people at arm's length.

"You walk up to him and say, 'hello' and he starts doing a routine for you,"said Cronauer.

A front that Cronauer expects will prolong a question about who Robin Williams really was - if there was ever a way to turn that comedy off.

"I don't know what the real Robin is like and nobody does."

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