Friday's Storm Damages Homes in Appomattox County

Appomattox Co, VA - Residents in Appomattox County are still cleaning up from storms that blew through our area Friday evening.

In one neighborhood, the wind damaged homes and cars, and knocked down several trees.

Take a drive down Country Club Road and it sure looks like a tornado rolled through. Trees are twisted, there's thousands of dollars worth of damage, and one man has yet another reason to consider himself lucky.

Around 5:30 in the evening, Rick Youngblood noticed the cows across the street were acting unusual.

"Every one of them turned in the same direction and moved toward those trees," Youngblood said, pointing to the field in front of his house.

The sky got dark and the wind started howling. The top of one tree landed dangerously close to Youngblood's front door.

"I just now realized ya'll are standing under one that's about ready to come down," Youngblood said to our ABC 13 news crew.

So far, he's counted 22 fallen trees.

A branch ripped a hole into the side of his truck, smashed in a side window, damaged a boat and tore off his home's gutter.

Even for the insurance photographer, the damage was surprising.

"I was a little shocked. I knew that they had storms last week. But I didn't realize that it was to this magnitude. This looks more like the Derecho we had," said Wade Latham.

As a Navy man for more than 20 years, Youngblood has survived wars, gun battles and even cancer.

"I've seen a lot of death. And I'm thankful simply because I got through without scratches," he said.

No scratches, just another reason -- to never to take his luck for granted.

Youngblood estimates he has $9,000 worth of damage, but doubts very much of it will be covered by insurance.

He cleared 15 trees just days before the Derecho. If he hadn't, he says they would have destroyed his house.