Fresh Produce, Healthy Ideas at Community Market's "Green Wednesdays"

For lots of people, it's simply not summer without tasting fresh produce. However, trying to avoid produce that's covered in pesticides is a real concern for many families, but now you've got more options.

In just it's third year, "Green Market Wednesdays" at the Lynchburg Community Market have been thriving. It's an opportunity for only farmers to sell their freshest goods directly to the public. The Market's Director of Marketing Jennifer Kennedy says the Wednesday schedule gives only farmers a chance to sell their freshest goods. Kennedy says "We want to give farmers the opportunity to be able to go out and actually pick the produce for you that morning, so what you getting, is really, really fresh."

Starting two years ago with just two farm stands, Green Market Wednesdays has now grown to include nearly 15 farmers from around the area, with fresh fruits and vegetables to offer. Kennedy says it can be a great way for consumers to get to know the food, and their farmers, a bit better, continuing to say "Whether or not you have questions about, what their growing methods are, or maybe you want to exchange a recipe, you are literally talking to the person who cultivated it, picked it, and now is bringing it for you to take home to your dinner table.".

Many vendors offer produce with low, or no sprays involved. It's an experience that gives new meaning to the phrase "farm to table". The market has attracted several new vendors in recent weeks, including Barbara Reynolds from "The Secret Garden". With an array of fresh beets, potatoes, and several other offerings, Reynolds says it's an opportunity for people to explore what local farmers are growing, saying "They're deciding to eat a certain way, they're eating healthier, and that's what we believe in."

The market runs from 10a until 2p every Wednesday, May through October. All vendors also accept SNAP benefits, making it easier for all families to experience fresh and healthy eating.