Freeze Warning Forces Spring Plants Indoors

Lynchburg, VA - There was concern over spring plants Wednesday night, with temperatures tumbling below freezing.

At Virginia Garden Supply in Lynchburg, what once was an outdoor space packed with spring plants was bare Wednesday. Thousands of dollars' worth of flowers and other potted plants had to be brought indoors to be protected from the freeze.

Temperatures early Wednesday morning in Lynchburg hovered in the high twenties. Staff at the garden supply store did not want to risk losing their stock.

Talk about bad timing, for Virginia Garden Supply, this week is considered their busiest of the year.

"We're going into the height of our season even though it's early, it's also Easter week and people want to have their places very nice with flowers for the Easter time so yes, it's a juggling game. We do it a number of times throughout the year but this cold is kind of odd" said Philip Helbling, the store manager.

The store's green houses were so packed with plants; you could barely walk in them.