Free Fireworks & Motocross Show in Appomattox Saturday

Appomattox, VA - The town of Appomattox is in for a real treat this weekend. For the first time, motocross stuntmen are coming to put on a show for the community, and the whole thing's for free.

Liberty Baptist Church in Appomattox is sponsoring the event. This is the same church that brought in a synthetic ice rink, waterslides and artificial snow for the community to go sledding. The pastor keeps coming up with fresh and fun ideas for the family.

"The Fourth of July is about excitement. It's about celebrating our nation and motorbikes in the air are exciting," said Pastor Rusty Small with Liberty Baptist Church.

Small invited Team FMX to bring the fun.

"Oh, yeah we're basically adrenaline junkies," said Travis Willis with Team FMX.

Willis is a free style motocross rider. He and a friend plan to put on a 45 minute high-flying show.

"We'll be about 20 to 25 feet off the ground and there's nothing but metal and concrete," said Willis.

"Motorcycles and stuff are cool," said 8-year-old Jaliyah Hall.

They're going to set up their ramps in the Appomattox County High School parking lot. By nightfall right across the road, they'll have a 20 minute firework show.

"Fireworks are my favorite. Fireworks make me happy," said Hall.

Small says the purpose is to bless the community, and get families together.

"Families so rarely get together and one of the reasons they don't go out is because financially they cannot," said Small.

"Anything free is good," said Kevin Hawkins, an Appomattox resident.

"Getting the kids out of the house and giving them something to do, as well as the parents. The community needs something like this, you know?" said Hawkins.

The motocross show starts at 8 p.m.. They'll also be serving free popcorn and drinks. If it rains, they'll hold the event on Sunday, June 30.