Franklin Co. United Way Adds Executive Assistant

Rocky Mount, VA - Barb Magill has joined the staff of United Way of Franklin County as Executive Assistant. Her first day was Tuesday, July 16.

Pat Koger, the executive director of the United Way of Franklin County for 11 years, was expected to retire at the end of June. She is staying on the staff part time for now, however, as the transition takes place.

"I'm prouder of this job than anything I've ever done. At the same time, it's the most humbling thing I've ever done," Koger said, referring to the rewarding feeling of helping so many people in the community.

Magill has been a Franklin County resident for nearly 22 years. She and her husband Joe live in the Mount Pleasant community.

"I am confident my previous experience will assist me in maintaining the United Way office and its detailed records as well as working to achieve the upcoming campaign goal of $375,000," Magill said.

Magill said she enjoys working with people and is looking forward to maintaining United Way contacts and encouraging new businesses and industries to become United Way partners.

Koger said the United Way board is considering adding second person to their executive staff as well.