Franklin Co. Twins Give Birth Just Minutes Apart

Franklin Co., VA - A set of identical twins in Franklin County have gone through a very big life change, almost identically.

Both young women had already gone through nearly nine months of pregnancy together, but little did they know they would actually end up delivering their babies together.

For 24 years now, Samantha Simmons and Brittany Brown have had to deal with the fact that they are identical twins. Just something that goes with the territory.

"I think it's just something you are used to with twins. I mean we've done pretty much everything together," said Macie's Mom Samantha Simmons.

The identical twins became pregnant right around the same time late last year. While their due dates were a day apart, on July 19, their children were born just seven minutes apart.

"I was thinking she would go a day before me. Then I would go a day or two after her and vice versa. I never thought we would go on the same day let alone seven minutes apart," said Keelan's Mom Brittany Brown.

Brittany's labor started about 12 hours before her sister, but then everything else came in tandem which had the staff rooting to see who would win the race.

"My doctor, Dr. Curtis was like, 'I think we are going to beat your sister. Let's go. Let's see how far we can get,'" said Samantha Simmons.

Samantha gave birth to Macie, Brittany gave birth to Keelan.

The two cousins that now share a very similar bond to that of their identical twin mothers.

"They say twins have a telepathic connection with each other. They can communicate with each other when they are not around each other. They know when each other are hurt and stuff like that or when the other one is sad. I guess it's true," Brittany Brown said.

Brittany ended up winning the race.

The women say they were just a few rooms apart during the labor process to make things easier for their mother, who ended up running back and forth, trying to keep up with the simultaneous births.

The ladies say hospital nurses told them it is something that hasn't happened in 25 years.