Franklin Co. Sgt. Gawor Named Virginia Deputy of the Year

Franklin Co., VA - One of Franklin County's finest is now Virginia's Deputy of the Year.

Sgt. Brandt Gawor brought the title home from Norfolk last week from the Virginia Sheriff's Association Conference.

Sgt. Gawor hasn't even had time to put his award on the wall yet.

Deputy Sgt. Gawor stays busy. He ran two miles at SWAT training just before ABC 13's interview with him Tuesday.

On, some days, Gawor is the chew toy for his K-9 partner, placing 2nd in the Iron Dog Challenge three times and never placing below 8th.

Sgt. Gawor has been honored by Mothers Against Drunk Driving six years in a row for taking the most drunk drivers off the roads of Franklin County.

When Gawor is not on the road, you might find him on the Sheriff's Office boat on Smith Mountain Lake. Gawor developed the boat patrol training program.

When SuperStorm Sandy hit, Sgt. Gawor lead an effort to fill a trailer with supplies and delivered it to law enforcement families in New Jersey.

"Sgt. Gawor is the epitome of what any law enforcement officer should be," said Major Harry Clingenpeel. "He just volunteers. [He] takes things upon himself, not just for his glory by any means. It's for the whole sheriff's office and for the citizens of Franklin County."

"There are 123 Sheriff's Offices in the Commonwealth and to represent everybody, it's very humbling," Sgt. Gawor said.

Sgt. Gawor credits his success to a great support system that includes the men and women of the Franklin County Sheriff's Office and his family.

Gawor says during some weekends he ends up spending more time working with his K-9 partner than his wife and daughter, but says he couldn't do any of it without their patience and understanding.