Franklin Co. Man Accused Of Dumping Sewage Arraigned Again

Rocky Mount, VA - A Franklin County man that stands indicted on more than 30 charges of illegally dumping sewage was arraigned in Franklin County on 18 of the charges.

Matthew Ferguson, 34, of Callaway is accused of dumping tens of thousands of gallons of raw sewage at a handful of sites around Franklin County.

This most recent round of indictments, which includes a third felony, comes from violations Ferguson allegedly committed after he was indicted back in May.

Franklin County's Commonwealth's Attorney Tim Allen, says he was surprised the first round of indictments didn't stop Ferguson's alleged illegal activity.

"It just goes to show me that he doesn't seem to learn from the first set of indictments. I'm hoping that the judge will deal very significantly with him and he is punished accordingly," said Allen.

Ferguson is set for trial August 28.