Fourth of July Event at Martinsville Speedway Will Go On Rain or Shine

Martinsville, VA -- The Martinsville Speedway is gearing up for one of their biggest celebrations of the year Wednesday night, even though the weather is nowhere near ideal for a Fourth of July event.

Rainy weather hasn't slowed down crews at the Martinsville Speedway. An afternoon of checking and inspecting carnival rides only was dampened by mist.

"As long as it stays a little mist like this, it's not going to impact us that bad and we can continue to operate," said Jonathan Brooks, president of Wagner Consulting Group.

That's the hope for Speedway President Clay Campbell. In their 15 years of celebrating the Fourth of July at the Martinsville Speedway, they've had a few rainy nights.

"It's disappointing for number one the families and the kids that come out. Because these rides, they don't cost you anything to ride them, so the kids really have a great time," said Campbell.

While gloomy weather may close some rides like the slide, Campbell says a little rain will not shut everything down. With the exception of lightning and a severe storm, they still plan to have most rides running, a band playing, fireworks, and of course their food drive in full swing.

"It's good that we can have an event like this that helps give back to the community," said Campbell.

But safety comes first. That's why Brooks and his crew will keep a close eye on the sky.

"The first little bit of weather that we see as far as lightening or thunder, everything goes down for 30 minutes at a minimum," said Brooks.

In that time, they'll determine the fate of the rides for the night. Until then, everyone is hoping for the best.

"It's just a great night for families to have a great time here in Martinsville," said Campbell.