Four Bears Spotted Near a Bassett Elementary School

Picture taken by Angela R. Haynes

Bassett, VA -- A Bassett elementary school didn't take any chances after a bear and her cubs were spotted just down the street.

Wednesday, neighbors of Campbell Court Elementary saw the four bears in a tree.
Principal Pam Walmsley says she was never worried about the kids. But she did cancel recess and other outdoor activities for the day just to be on the safe side.
Walmsley says someone came by to warn her of a bear sighting just down the street. She immediately got all the students inside. Walmsley says she drove a couple of times down the road to see the bears for herself. She spotted three cubs in a tree, with the larger bear lower in the tree protecting them.
They were in Shaun Adam's yard. Adams says the bears were there for three hours until they eventually wandered back into the woods.
Walmsley says she never told the students but did warn parents.
"Safety is something you have to deal with as a principal now every day. So you do take precautions, we called maintenance and we did have extra people on hand for dismissal," said Walmsley.
"I just thought it was really awesome that they called me and made sure that they did everything they could for me and my kids," said Alisha McCoy, parent.
Students were able to go outside and have recess like normal Thursday. But everyone says they are keeping their eyes open just in case they show back up.