Four Arrested After Memorial Day Fight at Lynchburg's Miller Park

Lynchburg, VA - Lynchburg Police arrested four people after a massive Memorial Day brawl in Lynchburg.

Two adults and two juveniles were arrested, but police estimate 200 to 300 people were either fighting or watching the fight.

The brawl happened at Miller Park in Lynchburg, police say.

It all started as a little league baseball game was being played on a nearby diamond.

Witnesses tell ABC 13 the fight broke out just yards away in a field.

At least one of the fights was all caught on amateur video.

In three hours, police responded to a fight in progress call six times.

In the same park, within earshot, parents were watching their kids' Little League game.

Melissa Thomas was in the stands.

"One fight is different. two, three, four, five, six, fightsthat's extreme," parent Melissa Thomas said.

Thomas says the first fights didn't stop the kids from playing. She said police responded and the fight was squashed, and the kids played ball.

The brawling popped up again, however. Hours later, an e-mail from a concerned parent landed on Councilman H. Cary's computer.

"Just got suspended at Miller Park due to all the fights. Embarrassing. Very Embarrassing," Counilman Cary said.

Cary took the fighting issue to the city manager and council.

"When our children can't play uninterrupted by the violent tendency of others, we're failing our families," Cary said.

At one point, at least 15 police officers tried controlling the crowd, which numbered in the hundreds.

Police say the scene is an exception and not the norm.

"We want to do everything we can as a police department to ensure that people can enjoy the city parks in a safe manner," said Capt. Ryan Zuidema with the Lynchburg Police.

Those who use the park tell us they aren't going to get scared off.

"My family's not going to stop coming here," Thomas said.

There is another Little League game scheduled at Miller Park this week.