Former Sontag Elementary School Nurse Pleads Guilty in Murder-for-Hire Plot

Rocky Mount, VA - A Franklin County school nurse accused of trying to find a hit man to kill her colleague's ex-husband has pleaded guilty.

Cathy Bennett was in Franklin County Circuit Court Tuesday, two months after her accomplice, kindergarten teacher Angela Nolen, pleaded guilty to her role in the plot.

Judge William Alexander revoked Bennett's bond soon after the plea. Bennett faces up to 10 years in prison.

Bennett was seen getting a number of tearful hugs from family and friends before stepping into the courtroom.

In court, the Commonwealth laid out a summary of the case that included Bennett asking a third employee at Sontag Elementary to convince her son to "take care of" Nolen's ex-husband.

When that teacher asked Bennett, "In what way?", the testimony showed Bennett said, "We need him dead."

The teacher, Sharon Williams, turned the information over to authorities.

"Ms. Williams was a good friend of both of them and she did absolutely the right thing. If she had not done that then we may be investigating a murder versus doing what we're doing now," said Franklin County Commonwealth's Attorney Tim Allen.

The Commonwealth says there was no evidence Bennett was promised any money to help Nolen find a killer and that the motive was friendship.

"Based on what we know about it that's the only thing that we've been able to find, as far as a reason why one of them helped out the other," Allen said.

Bennett will be sentenced on October 17.

Nolen faces up to 40 years, and will be sentenced September 20.