Former Pulaski Doctor Sentenced to 33 Months for Illegally Prescribing Drugs

Roanoke, VA - Day two of a sentencing hearing for a former Pulaski County doctor convicted of illegally prescribing pain medication from her Dublin-based practice ends with a 33-month sentence.

Linda Sue Cheek, 64, faced a much stiffer sentence but got a break from the judge for the 172-counts she was found guilty of.

Judge Conrad was not interested in imposing the minimum guideline sentence of 135-months on Dr. Check saying that while he believed she intentionally crossed the line, her conduct was not in line with other doctors convicted under the same statute.

ABC 13 caught up with Dr. Cheek leaving Roanoke's federal courthouse Monday. She was the last witness to testify which took the better part of today as Cheek had an answer for every allegation against her, consistently deflecting any wrongdoing and placing much of the blame on a co-physician.

In the end, the judge agreed that Dr. Cheek did truly care about her patients before varying greatly outside of the guidelines.

"The damage she did was tremendous. And when you have a pressing problem like we do in this region it is more important to hold physicians accountable to know about addiction, to be responsible in their prescribing and to play by the rules. She did not," said U.S. Attorney for Western District Of Virginia Tim Heaphy.

Cheek was sentenced to multiple 27-month sentences, all to be served together, with an additional six months to be served after for violating probation stemming from an earlier Medicare fraud conviction.

Dr. Cheek was immediately taken into custody after the hearing.