Former Pet Store Owner Faces 43 Animal Cruelty Charges

Roanoke, VA - Radford Police have charged a man after they say he closed his pet shop and left a lot of the animals behind.Alexander Montgomery Nelson IV of Roanoke faces 43, former owner of "Classy Critters" is charged on many accounts ranging from animal cruelty to failure to provide adequate care to improper disposal of deceased animals.On June 13th police went to check out the building on East Main Street because they say people called in complaining about the smell. Officers got a search warrant and say they immediately saw animals both living and dead.The police have seized three dogs, two turtles, one bearded dragon, one leopard gecko, a fat tailed gecko, and numerous fish all of which were still alive and in the building. Police also found dead fish, rodents and one dead fire bellied toad.Nelson is also charged with having dogs who do not have rabies shots, not having licensing for dogs, and for having two dogs running around at large.Nelson is set to be arraigned on July 10th.