Former Mecklenburg Deputy Sentenced for Sexual Battery of Child

Christopher Dale Smith

Mecklenburg Co., VA - A former Mecklenburg County Sheriff's deputy was accused of raping a little girl. Bedford County's Commonwealth's Attorney is the special prosecutor who sent him to prison.Randy Krantz was assigned to the case when the Mecklenburg County Commonwealth's Attorney recused herself due to a conflict.

Christopher Dale Smith agreed to enter a plea to the lesser charge of aggravated sexual battery, to avoid a possible life sentence for child rape.

A counselor says the girl has post-traumatic stress and it would hurt her even more to put her on the witness stand.

"It vindicated the child. This defendant maintained his innocence, adamantly denied the charge," said special prosecutor Randy Krantz. "After the judge heard our evidence, the judge pronounced from the bench that he believed that this man was guilty and that the child was vindicated."

Last week, Krantz asked the judge to give Smith a substantially higher sentence than guidelines call for. Smith has no criminal history.

He will serve 7 years and 6 months of a 20 year sentence. That's above the state recommendation.

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