Former Lynchburg Mayor Pete Warren Remembered

Lynchburg, VA - Former Lynchburg Mayor Pete Warren is being remembered for his contributions to the city. Warren, 84, died from respiratory illness on Friday.

"Pete's pretty much the most special person anybody's ever met," said Ed Polloway, a colleague at Lynchburg College. Warren recruited Polloway to Lynchburg College 37 years ago to teach in the counseling program.

{}"He cared about all the things I think are important in the world and did something about it," said Polloway.

Warren served on the boards of eleven different community organizations, including Big Brothers/Big Sisters.

"He would always say, 'I'd be glad to make the call because there's only one of two things they could say. They could either say yes or they could say no'," said Mike Daly, former director of Big Brothers/Big Sisters.

"Any time he called me, 'Bert can you handle this for me?' I was there," said former Lynchburg City Councilman Bert Dodson. "I'm just one of probably hundreds who would do anything Pete asked."

"I think if Pete were here right now, he'd say pay it forward," said Anne Gibbons, Lynchburg College Associate Chaplain.

Gibbons will officiate a celebration of Warren's life this weekend.

"He was a good counselor, so he'd say of course you need to grieve, that's part of it," said Gibbons. "But, take that grief into positive care and concern for others. That's the way Pete Warren will live on."

A service is at 11a.m., Saturday at Snidow Chapel at Lynchburg College, followed by a reception in the college's Memorial Ballroom.