Former HS Teacher & Coach Sentenced to Three Months in Jail

Bedford Co., VA - A former Jefferson Forest High School coach and teacher was sentenced for having a sexual relationship with a student Friday.

George Weston Katze, 24, will spend three months in jail with 12 months probation after his release. He must also register as a sexual offender.

Katze started the relationship with a female student in September 2011.

She tells police that it started with flirting but turned serious in October when Katze invited her to his apartment.

The prosecutor says Katze confessed the relationship to his wife and an assistant principal at Jefferson Forest, as well as police.

A judge then found Katze guilty on both counts. The judge said part of taking full responsibility is taking full punishment too. He said Katze was in a position of authority with minors.

The judge acted and gave Katze jail time.

Katze spoke Friday about his remorse as well as joining a self-help group and getting counseling. Throughout this, Katze's lost his marriage and his job.

But the judge also told Katze that he's a young man, and it's not the end of his life.