Former Franklin Co. Teacher Pleads Guilty to Solicitation to Commit Murder

Franklin County, VA - Former Franklin County kindergarten teacher Angela Nolen decided to skip a trial Tuesday morning and pleaded guilty to one felony count of solicitation to commit murder.

Nolen could face five to 40-years in the state penitentiary.

A very somber looking Nolen quietly pleaded guilty to the count for her role in trying to hire a hit man to kill her ex-husband.

Appearing in Franklin County's Circuit Court, Nolen remained shackled throughout the hearing as the judge accepted the plea which is not connected to any plea deal.

Testimony shows investigators have Nolen on video tape, from a number of different angles, meeting with an undercover State Trooper whom she told several times she wanted her ex-husband "eliminated from this earth."

When the trooper asked her if she realized that meant her ex would be killed, she replied, "yes".

Nolen withdrew money a nearby bank and made a $4,000 down payment on the hit.

In all, Nolen was willing to trade $8,000 for her ex-husband's life.

Nolen's alleged co-conspirator, Cathy Bennett, who worked at Sontag Elementary with Nolen as the school's nurse is still scheduled for a one day jury trial on July 15.

Bennett is accused of helping Nolen actually find the hit man by asking another school employee for help. The employee went to authorities.