Former Franklin Co. School Nurse Sentenced to 18 Months

Franklin Co., VA - The former Franklin County school nurse convicted of trying to help her friend hire a hitman was sentenced in Franklin County Thursday afternoon.

Cathy Bennett will serve 18 months for her role in the plot. Bennett's sentencing brings this case to a close.

It all unfolded earlier this year after one of Bennett's friends, contacted by Bennett to help find a killer, went to the authorities instead.

Bennett pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit murder back in August and was ordered to jail. She was out on bond leading up to the conviction.

The 18 months to serve of a five year sentence is less than the 10-years she was facing going into the hearing.

Bennett's co-conspirator, Angela Nolen, was sentenced last month to serve eight years in prison for her part.

Nolen originally approached Bennett for help in finding a hitman to kill Nolen's ex-husband.

The two worked together at Sontag Elementary School. Both women pleaded guilty rather than face a trial.

The evidence would have included that third friend - also a school employee - testifying that Bennett tried to convince her to recruit that woman's son for the actual hit.