Former Franklin Co. Deputy Pleads No Contest to Murder of His Ex-Wife

Roanoke, VA - Jonathan Agee, the former Franklin County deputy accused of shooting and killing his ex-wife, has pleaded no contest to two charges including first degree murder.

The plea came Friday in Roanoke Circuit Court just two weeks before Agee was set to go to trial.

Three charges of shooting into an occupied vehicle were dropped.

Now facing life in prison, plus three years, it is a major step in bringing to a close this very tragic case.

There was significant interest in keeping two young girls, including one of Agee's daughters, from having to testify.

During Friday's plea we learned that the victim, Jennifer Carter Agee, was standing in the Sheetz parking lot on Orange Avenue talking through the open window of a friend's car when Agee pulled up in his patrol car, stepped out and then fired eight times into Jennifer's upper chest with a variant of the M-4 military assault rifle.

Her last words as she turned her back were, "He's going to shoot me."

Facing life in prison, Agee's attorney says they plan on showing evidence that steroid use led to this tragedy during his sentencing.

"And when you start using that stuff over long periods of time it has a serious effect on your... I mean 'roid rage' is part of our vernacular now," said C.J. Covati, the defense attorney.

"If it's "roid rage", I'm not buying it for a minute. Not for an instant," said Don Caldwell, the Commonwealth's attorney.

The Commonwealth expects it will take about 60 days for the pre sentencing report to be completed. Until then, Montgomery County's Commonwealth's Attorney says she will continue to prepare for a March trial date for the ensuing shootout that left Agee and a Virginia State Trooper wounded.

However, Agee's attorney says he hopes to work out a plea in that county as well, which could come as early as next week.